Social partners represented by the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development have met with the Opposition to hear out its proposals for an economic vision for Malta while responding to the challenges that impact Maltese society.

MCESD Chairperson David Xuereb emphasised the council’s commitment to facilitating meaningful and qualitative social dialogue that adds value to the country by addressing the country’s opportunities and challenges and providing tangible recommendations to the Government.

Leader of the Opposition Bernard Grech expressed his appreciation for the MCESD’s role as a consultative council, recognising its significance as a platform that brings together experts from diverse fields. He praised the social partners as active representatives closely attuned to the needs of the people, particularly in the areas of labour, employment, and societal priorities.

The leader of the Nationalist Party emphasised that this meeting was a valuable opportunity to discuss the society and economy that Malta aspires to have.

The Opposition presented a vision titled Economic Vision for a Better Life in Our Country. The presentation focused on prioritising Government spending, making suggestions for a national economic and quality-of-life transition that follows a business continuity plan, and enhancing living conditions in Malta.

Throughout the meeting, members of the Opposition actively engaged in discussions with social partners, emphasising the significance of these considerations.

Various topics were explored, including energy supply, mental health, public procurement, traffic management, environmental sustainability, the workforce skills gap, artificial intelligence, and inflation.

The Opposition’s members emphasised the importance of maintaining a positive approach to achieve constructive objectives for the country, foster a more business-friendly environment, ensure a level playing field for all, and streamline bureaucratic processes promptly.

The social partners detailed a variety of subject matters that have a significant impact on the daily lives of Maltese and Gozitan families. These included measures of quality, education, skills, employment, wages, social security, and expected basic living needs. Sustainability, healthcare challenges, and a long-term, human-centric strategic vision that drives the well-being of Maltese society were also central to the discussions.

The Leader of the Opposition, while acknowledging the work and dedication of all stakeholders, stressed the importance of addressing issues that directly affect Maltese society.

This includes ensuring access to basic necessities and preserving urban areas. He regarded the meeting as a significant step forward and urged MCESD to maintain its sensible, serious, and committed approach for the benefit of the country.

The meeting included Opposition members Claudette Buttigieg, Robert Cutajar, Jerome Caruana Cilia, Ivan J. Bartolo, Ivan Castillo, Alex Borg, and Mario de Marco.

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