Epic customer service

After being confirmed Malta’s fastest network by Ookla® Speedtest Awards, a recent report by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) has shown Epic to be the service provider leading the way in customer satisfaction and user experience.

The report finds that Epic’s services were the subject of just nine per cent of all complaints in the electronic communications sector during the second half of 2023. In stark contrast, Malta’s other providers accounted for the vast majority of customer complaints.

The detailed findings in the MCA’s “End-user Affairs: Half Yearly Report July – December 2023” further reinforce Epic Malta’s position as a leader in the telecommunications industry. With only a fraction of the complaints compared to its rivals, Epic Malta demonstrates its commitment to providing exceptional service and resolving customer issues efficiently across all service categories

Commitment to Quality and Responsiveness

The report also highlights Epic’s industry-leading customer service. During a mystery shopping exercise involving over 900 calls to the customer care lines of Malta’s main service providers, Epic stood out with a 98 per cent response rate within five minutes and a remarkable 90 per cent within just two minutes. This performance is a testament to Epic’s dedication to providing quick and efficient support to its customers.

Epic customer service

“Epic Malta’s outstanding performance in the MCA’s report reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch services and support to our customers,” said Alessandra Verri, Epic’s Director of Care. “We are thrilled to set the benchmark for quality and reliability in Malta’s telecommunications sector and will continue to innovate and improve to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Malta’s trusted provider for home internet, TV and mobile

The MCA’s findings are a testament to Epic’s commitment to excellence and innovation, which have strongly resonated with the Maltese community. Since its introduction to Malta, Epic has established itself as the premier choice for a growing number of residents for all their connectivity needs, reflecting their trust and satisfaction in our services.

This trust is underscored by the MCA’s recent market analysis, confirming that Epic is Malta’s foremost mobile network operator. The analysis also casts a spotlight on the ascending popularity of Epic’s Home Internet, TV services, and the cutting-edge Epic Fibre.

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