The Land Registry Agency is updating its strategy to better serve the public in a reform that will introduce digital systems and ensure that its workers are equipped with the skills necessary to use them.

The announcement came from Minister for Land and the Implementation of the Electoral Programme Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi while speaking at the second workshop of the European Land Registry Network organised in Malta by the European Land Registry Association, together with the Malta Land Registry Agency.

The Land Registry is in the process of updating its strategy in a way that is looking at all aspects of land registration, with a view to addressing today’s realities, he said. The strategy includes not only legislative renewal but also further digitalisation in this area.

Minister Zrinzo Azzopardi said that the way properties are sold and developed has changed, and it has become very common to have different facilities of use and various concepts of how the air of a building is used.

He reiterated that the introduction of digital technology in the Land Registry is essential. The agency will be investing in digital systems to ensure that land registry processes become more efficient and transparent.

“With the shift towards the use of more digital technology for the work of researching and registering properties we will be speeding up and strengthening these processes and making them more accessible,” said the Minister.

Minister Zrinzo Azzopardi reiterated that the Land Registry Agency is committed to training more people to meet the agency’s modern challenges. He said it was essential that the agency makes the necessary investment in the human resource to better serve the public.

At the same time the agency will be engaging in a wide consultation with all stakeholders involved in the work of the register to inform and consult them about the changes that will be planned. Experts will be involved in this process, so that their knowledge and experience can ensure that the strategies the agency is adopting are effective.

The workshop offered the possibility for officials involved in European Land Registers to get together and share experiences while discussing the plan of integrating digital technology into their processes.

The workshop was also addressed, among others, by the Land Registry Agency’s CEO, Perit Michelle Piccinino, who spoke about how the agency is working to further improve its operations and provide better service to all those who need the agency’s services.

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