A hotel’s success depends largely on the quality of its digital property management systems (PMS).

According to Matthew Debattista, Head of Hospitality at IT-experts Smart Technologies Limited, Oracle’s Opera Cloud – the world’s leading PMS system, is now affordable and accessible for any accommodation business irrespective of size.

“Opera’s cloud-based system offers a scalable, powerful solution accessible to all hotels – irrespective of the number of rooms, transforming property management without the hefty price tag previously associated with this premier product,” Mr Debattista said.

Matthew Debattista

“It’s about providing unparalleled service to every guest, from quaint B&Bs to luxurious resorts – and doing so at a price any business can afford.” There is a common misconception that Oracle’s Opera system for hotels is an expensive solution that is only affordable for the larger hotel chains.

But, after migrating to the cloud, the system is now not only safer but also competes on a price basis with systems that offer far fewer advantages.

“If you are approaching the end of life of your current legacy PMS system, or else simply considering what is available on the market, Oracle’s Opera Cloud system is a must,” Debattista said.

The cost of sticking with outdated systems

The time for outdated hotel management systems is fading away. Sticking with these systems risks more than just efficiency— they pose security risks and are disconnected from modern guest needs.

Opera Cloud offers a secure, scalable, and accessible system.

Featuring: Robust data security, user-friendly interfaces, and insightful real-time analytics, the system is the perfect tool for the contemporary hotelier.

Opera’s enhanced mobile capabilities also provide superior guest and staff experiences.

Unmatched Benefits of moving to the cloud

Mr Debattista believes the future of hotel PMS is on the cloud.

Switching to Opera Cloud also means improved operational agility.

The system provides:

-Enhanced guest satisfaction.

-Streamlined, error-reduced processes and future-proof technology that keeps pace with industry changes.

“This isn’t just a software change—it’s reimagining hotel management,” Mr Debattista said.

The Smart Technologies Limited team includes hospitality professionals with a deep understanding of the industry, meaning clients get more than just IT knowhow.

Discover the Opera Cloud difference and how Smart Technologies can usher your hotel into a new era of operational excellence.

Get in touch explore your future with Opera Cloud.

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