The Ambassador of the United States of America, Her Excellency Constance J. Milstein, on Thursday presented her credentials to President George Vella at San Anton Palace, Attard. 

This marks the first time in four years where the US had a resident ambassador to Malta, with the last being Kathleen Hill in 2018.

President Vella welcomed Ambassador Milstein to Malta and referred to the ample potential to intensify bilateral relations, which both agreed are excellent. Ambassador Milstein underlined her commitment to work with all stakeholders in Malta to ensure that contacts are further consolidated.

Several regional issues were discussed during the meeting, with focus being placed on the war in Ukraine and instability in the Mediterranean.

President Vella observed that there are several pressing issues in the region, ranging from the continued instability in Libya, tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean and the worrying scenario concerning the Middle East Peace Process.

Migration was also raised, with President Vella recalling a US resettlement programme of refugees from Malta which is no longer in operation, stating that this mechanism had been of great support to Malta.



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