Prime Minister Robert Abela has reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to continue subsidising energy prices in order to support businesses and households from price shocks and mitigate inflation.

Speaking during the inauguration of a €12 million factory extension by Seifert Systems at Ħal Far, he commended the company for being the first climate-neutral company of its kind.

The German company has been active in Malta for over 50 years and currently employs 450 people. It is currently planning on another €9 million investment in order to further diversify production and increase their headcount by another 140 workers.

Dr Abela remarked that the energy subsidy programme, which is keeping energy and fuel prices stable, will continue to be part of the Government’s strategic decision making.

He noted that the company not only is employing more people but is upskilling the capabilities of its workers in technical engineering sectors. Dr Abela said that the Government will remain conscious of the challenges in this sector such as the labour shortage, and will work on prioritising science, engineering and maths in the educational sector.

The company’s CEO and managing director, Michael Seifert, stressed that the company did not lay off workers, even during challenging periods such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

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