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Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister has announced a timeline of reopening measures contingent on Malta’s daily COVID-19 transmission rates remaining low and hospital numbers remaining manageable.

As from Monday 17th May, protocols will be announced allowing greater freedom in terms of care home visitation to the elderly, while the following Monday, 24th May, elderly residents will be permitted to leave care homes “in an organized manner”.

From 24th May, it is being targeted that the 5pm curfew on restaurants and snack bars will be lifted to midnight, with the four-person per table rule remaining in place. Pools, currently closed, will be allowed to reopen with an 8pm curfew, and all activities unrelated to swimming will be banned.

Gyms will be allowed to reopen on this day, however, classes will not be permitted. Contact sports (not team sports) may also recommence for those aged 17 and over. Day centres will also be allowed to reopen come 24th May.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne and Superintendent of Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci address a press conference

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne and Superintendent of Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci address a press conference

Posted by saħħa on Wednesday, 5 May 2021

The following week will see Malta “cautiously” reopen to tourism for those who are vaccinated or have attained a negative PCR test before entering Malta, Minister Fearne said.

1st June will also see the physical reopening of English Language Schools.

On Monday 7th June, restaurants and snack bars, already allowed to open till midnight, can increase the size of tables from four persons to six.

Here, bars, kazini, cinemas and theatres may also reopen, while team sports will also be permitted without spectators and contact sports may resume for those aged younger than 17. On 7th June, summer schools will also be permitted to reopen, however with schools officially ending the year by the end of the month, summer schools will be starting their season on 28th June.

On 7th June, gaming and betting outlets may also reopen.

10th May24th May1st June7th June28th June
Restaurants reopen to in-house dining until 5pm Restaurants & snack bars allowed to open until midnight Seated weddings 4-person limit at restaurants & snack bars increased to six Summer schools reopen 
Travel to Gozo permitted Pools may reopen until 8pm for swimming only International tourism restarts Bars and kazini reopen Contact sports for those younger than 17 to recommence   
Non-contact sport Gyms reopen without classes Language schools to physically reopen Contact sports & team sports competitions (aged 17 and over) to continue, without spectators present  
Training for professional sport Day centres Mask-wearing at the beach not enforceable by law Groups of six people permitted in public  
Extra-curricular activities Contact sports for 17+   Betting and gaming outlets reopen  
Open markets  Non-contact sports competitions to resume without spectators   Cinemas and theatres reopen  

Minister Fearne said for those Maltese wishing to travel, vaccine certificates will be used, which the public must apply for. Government is in contact with other countries to accept Malta’s certificates, he added.

On the issue of events, the Minister said that Government is in talks with the Curia and feast enthusiasts to see how feasts can be celebrated in a COVID- safe way. Feasts are considered to be mass events.

He said that mass events will not be permitted during the first months of summer, but eventually, they will arrive. The Minister said the Government is not rushing to reopen mass events because should an outbreak take place, it could send the country back weeks, if not months.

Monday 10th May

This coming Monday will see restaurants, snack bars and kiosks reopen until 5pm. Minister Fearne said protocols will be published today, just three days before the reopening date. Superintendent of Public Health, Charmaine Gauci, shared that restaurants must keep a distance of 2 metres between tables, menus must be single-use or displayed in glass. Bar or self-service will not be permitted however alcohol will be allowed to be served with food.

As from Monday, non-essential travel to Gozo will resume, non-contact sports may restart without spectators present and training for professional sports may also resume.

Extra-curricular activities and open markets will also resume this Monday.

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