On Friday (today), the Government announced that four areas across Malta will be transferred from the Lands Authority to Project Green to be transformed into green open spaces.

The soon-to-be green areas are located in St Julian’s, Lija, Luqa and Kirkop and were valued at €20 million.

Prime Minister Robert Abela, during the press conference, stated these areas had a capacity of being developed into 30 apartment blocks.

These areas are:


  • Mikielanġ Sapiano street.

  • Area of Development for a five-storey building.  

  • 3,400 meters squared.


  • Nerik Xerri street.

  • Area of Development for a five-storey building.

  • 1,100 meters squared.


  • Merino street.

  • Area of Development for a four-storey building.

  • 700 meters squared.

St Julian’s

  • Ta’ Ġiorni.

  • Area of Development for multiple buildings.

  • 2,300 meters squared.

“I was never one to say that development on the islands can stop once and for all. But as a Prime Minister I am aware of my responsibility to find a balance,” he added.

Present for the conference, Minister for Environment, Energy and the Regeneration of the Grand Harbour Miriam Dalli explained that initiating the first phase for these four projects was not easy.

Nonetheless, she remarked that the vision for these projects will be implemented through the participation of various stakeholders in the community starting from children, to authorities and entities within the private sector. She added that Project Green will be “offering the opportunity for the private sector to contribute to the design, the operations and the development for more green spaces for the enjoyment of the public.”

“The main aim behind these projects is to regenerate biodiversity whilst also providing safe and accessible green spaces for everyone to relax physically and mentally. Some of the designated areas already have greenery, which we will safeguard and add on to,” Minister Dalli said.

She further explained that Project Green will incorporate innovative ideas to the areas by including sustainable systems such as the storage of rainwater, installation of renewable energy sources and usage of recycled materials, among others.

Minister Dalli also highlighted the use of smart technologies to increase efficiency in the operation and maintenance of such spaces, “so that these areas can be enjoyed for many years.”

Minister for Lands and the Implementation of the Electoral Programme Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi added that consequently the authorities are in the process of identifying additional lands that can be regenerated with the same intentions.

He also noted that this initiative forms part of the Labour Party’s promise, through its electoral manifesto, to create new green spaces within urban areas.


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