Why didn’t European stocks perform as well as American ones during the pandemic?

September 26, 2021
by Robert Fenech

Central Bank governor Edward Scicluna explains

Number of people registering for work in August 2021 decreases by 2,230 year-on-year

September 23, 2021
by Helena Grech

The total number of people who registered as unemployed stood at 1,442

‘Sustainable development is all about a balanced approach’, insists design, engineering & management firm CEO

September 21, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

Reuben Xuereb is Chairman and CEO of leading design, engineering and management firm QP

‘Pride should not be a platform for pink washing,’ says organiser

September 18, 2021
by Robert Fenech

Clayton Mercieca says LGBTIQ+ events should be organised with sensitivity: 'The MTA needs closer ties with the community’

How much Maltese Government debt is in the hands of the European Central Bank?

September 17, 2021
by Robert Fenech

Central Bank governor Edward Scicluna explains

Von der Leyen State of the Union address lauds pandemic response, sets stage for Europe’s recovery

September 15, 2021
by Robert Fenech

Maltese MEP and European Parliament vice-president Roberta Metsola presided over the proceedings

Malta’s drive to electrify its fleet under the spotlight

September 10, 2021
by Robert Fenech

‘The only way we can reach these targets is through a win-win situation for consumers and private enterprise’

How businesses can protect themselves in the ‘new normal’ of cybercrime

September 4, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

Cybersecurity expert Shiela Pancholi on front-end security, multi-layering and containment

‘Authenticity lies at the heart of terrazzo making’: The beautiful marriage of form and function

August 29, 2021
by Martina Said

For architect Neal Vella, the basis of his business is about adopting conscious design to create beautifully crafted products

‘Valletta? It’s the definition of a real estate goldmine’

August 24, 2021
by Robert Fenech

VBL Group executives on the excitement of investing in the capital and creating Malta's first true equity story

‘We were known as the Camilleris who import Parisian fashion. From that, it turned into camilleriparismode’

August 22, 2021
by Sarah Micallef

Business Now speaks to local industry greats camilleriparismode on 131 years of passion and heritage

Ferragosto balm to business woes as mid-summer brings uptick in activity

August 19, 2021
by Robert Fenech

The Chamber of SMEs' Philip Fenech believes the COVID-19 vouchers had a part to play

‘Another failing of an archaic system’: Blockchain proponent & lawyer slams escrow system

August 19, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

He calls for an end to the use of physical intermediaries as escrows

‘The restrictions people had to endure have only reinforced the need to travel’

August 15, 2021
by Martina Said

Country Manager at Hilton Seychelles, Andre Borg, on a lifelong career in hospitality and living on the idyllic island paradise

‘This pandemic has brought about a more challenging environment, but has compelled us to challenge ourselves’

August 14, 2021
by Martina Said

Farsons Group CEO Norman Aquilina on the state of manufacturing and Malta’s economy in a post-pandemic environment