In this increasingly digitalised world, a process that was accelerated in recent years, outdated paper business cards have undergone a remarkable transformation.

One such company that is capitalising on this digital transformation is doup., which offers a range of “game-changing business products” designed to elevate the professional connections of an individual or company.

Doup. is a digital platform that allows individuals and businesses to conveniently organise and store their personal and professional information. This includes contact information, social media links, work experience, and a portfolio of previous projects. This makes networking and building connections more efficient and effective.

“Embrace the digital age and leave traditional business cards behind. Discover the advantages of doup., the cutting-edge business card for modern professionals,” a spokesperson for the company affirmed.

Its products are equipped with integrated NFC technology, a dynamic QR code, and a user-friendly platform for hassle-free content customisation.

With doup., your phone can effortlessly communicate with nearby devices or codes within a 4cm range, allowing swift connections and seamless retrieval of information.

The company urges businesses to experience the power of NFC, which enables quick data transfers of up to one megabyte.

Additionally, a doup. account can serve as a social media management tool. Users can connect their social media accounts to their doup. account, making it easy to post updates and share information across multiple platforms. 

The doup. account also allows users to make use of the technology as a CRM tool. By adding details of leads, customers, suppliers, and more, you can keep track of all your interactions in one place. This will help keep your business growing by managing your contacts and sales opportunities effectively. Experience seamless contact sharing, the ultimate solution that allows you to distribute your contacts according to your preferences.

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Doup. Founder Mantvydas Matthew Narusevicius


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