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The Malta Business Bureau (MBB), together with the HSBC Malta Foundation, has announced the launch of a mini web-series seeking to improve the levels of financial literacy in Malta.

Speaking during a presentation to launch the web-series, HSBC Malta’s Head of Human Resources and Corporate Sustainability stressed that both MBB and HSBC believe “financial literacy is core to the wellbeing of society at large”, serving to “ensure people at all levels across the community have the ability to make sound financial decisions that contribute to financial prosperity”.

The production of this series, which will be released online in an episodic form throughout the month of April, is brought to life thanks to the INVEST+ project, which has delivered mentoring sessions and workshops on finance, accounting, savings, and investment since the end of 2019.

While the need to provide meaningful and insightful knowledge on financial literacy was felt prior to the pandemic, COVID-19 and the financial pressures it has brought on the economy further increased the timeliness of targeted campaigns seeking to improve financial literacy across the board in Malta.

The web-series promises to address the most fundamental financial literacy topics, accessible via videos to be uploaded on the MBB’s website, Youtube and Vimeo, allowing users to learn in their own time and at their own pace.

The project is aimed to provide a high-level understanding of pertinent topics in finance. Addressing the presentation, MBB CEO Joe Tanti stressed the scope is not create experts, but to provide an understanding of “crucial concepts”.

Speaking on behalf of the HSBC Malta Foundation, CEO Simon Vaughan Johnson stated that “The HSBC Malta Foundation has supported MBB, and other organisations committed to improving financial literacy for many years. In these challenging times, understanding how to manage your money has become even more critical and I would encourage anyone who wants to explore how they can better secure their own financial position, or that of their business, to tune-in and follow this excellent new web-series.”

In his address, MBB President Simon De Cesare said: “Bringing together the EU vision and the interests of the Maltese business community remains the ultimate goal of the Malta Business Bureau. In the context of economic uncertainty, digital financial education is believed to be the key to ensuring that individuals truly understand the impact of their financial decisions, therefore paving the way for an inclusive and sustainable recovery on a national, regional and global scale.”

According to Project Manager Marija Elena Borg, “Producing the INVEST+ web-series is not simply intended to be an action in response to COVID-19. It is rather an opportunity to mirror a new reality, which relies heavily on constant learning and digital technologies”. Ms Borg emphasised that what is often referred to as the ‘Future of Work’ has become a present day reality and is expected to stay.  As a result, she has encouraged people who are in search of new professional opportunities in these turbulent times to tune in with this web-series to deepen their knowledge of key financial concepts that are most relevant to the entrepreneurial world.

Interested individuals are encouraged to follow this page for updates on the web-series. For more information on INVEST+, please contact Project Manager Marija Elena Borg on [email protected] or +356 21251719.

The INVEST+ Project is run by the Malta Business Bureau in collaboration with the HSBC Malta Foundation.

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Screen-grab of upcoming web-series

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