Gozo Channel Gaudos

Gozo Channel Operations Ltd on Friday announced that its MV Gaudos will be out of service for three weeks, during which time the company will operate on a temporary timetable.

The vessel will be undergoing dry dock maintenance from 8th November up until 1st December 2023, impacting ferry services due to a reduced number of trips being made. As a result, it will only be operating through its MV Malita, MV Ta’ Pinu and Nikolaos vessels.

Out of the four vessels, MV Gaudos carries the least amount of cars at 72, given that unlike MV Malita and MV Ta’ Pinu, it does not have a hoistable deck.

Gozo Channel Timetable
Gozo Channel’s temporary timetable / Facebook

During the period, spanning just over three weeks, the company will be operating through a temporary timetable that has been published on Gozo Channel’s website and social media channels.

“Passengers are advised to check the latest timetable before travelling,” the statement read.

Gozo Channel apologised for any inconvenience caused by the vessel’s maintenance and updated timetable, stating that it is “committed to providing safe and reliable ferry services between the two islands”.

Following the uncertain times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of trips and vehicles making use of Gozo Channel’s services has experienced a surge, with 34,582 trips taking place between Malta and Gozo in 2022, significantly higher than the 27,631 in the pre-pandemic 2019. This came despite the increased popularity of the Gozo fast-ferry service, which presents an alternative way of travelling between the two islands.

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MV Gaudos / Gozo Channel


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