360hyper, a Portuguese online supermarket founded in April 2020, has made a name for itself in the last two years of the pandemic. The leading objective of this supermarket is to deliver vital goods to the customer’s doorstep as rapidly as possible. The organisation works with a number of well-known Portuguese supermarkets, including Recheio, Continente and Minipreço. Although this delivery service is currently only available in major Portuguese cities, there are already plans to extend personalised customer service across various regions within Portugal.

The 360hyper team has numerous interaction points from where customers can request assistance. The company exploits various platforms, with email and messaging being the most commonly used channels. As a result, the customer service team have faced various challenges as they assiduously seek to respond directly and promptly to customers in the shortest time possible.

These challenges arise largely from the very success of the company and the rapid growth experienced with this very success. Since the 360hyper team need to rely heavily on the digital world, this has allowed clients to shop after-hours, which consequently meant that it was time to integrate a more powerful solution focused on better managing customer requests while providing the best quality of service to all customers.

However, in order to achieve this, 360hyper recognised the need to work with a partner who would enable them to continue their journey towards an exponential expansion of their business, which is no mean feat. During E-Commerce Connect 2021, iMovo and 360hyper initiated business discussions, and the Portugese organisation immediately recognised that partnering with iMovo had potential that would lead the company to the solution they were actively seeking.

The speed with which iMovo proposed a reliable solution to the task at hand, the flexibility in terms of budget, and most importantly, the clear, open communication and interactions underpinned the choice to contract with iMovo and choose the company as their implementation advisors. The project was launched less than three months after both parties had agreed on the optimum approach and with a clear target to kick-off the project at the end of 2021.

After several discussions with 360hyper, iMovo identified the core challenges that were preventing the company from providing a customer service of the level expected by stakeholders. The agreed solution underlined the need for a tool that would allow the company to consolidate all user touch-points and serve all customers through a single platform.

Zendesk was selected, and iMovo was the preferred partner to implement the entire process, particularly since the platform is designed to help business organisations to build and maintain relationships with their customers to strengthen loyalty and business value. The platform was seamlessly integrated and configured across all 360hyper communication channels.

Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of 360hyper, Filipe Nery, described iMovo’s involvement in the project as a very crucial and important part of the overall Zendesk implementation. He also explained that as a result of the Zendesk solution, 360hyper could enjoy a holistic view of all customer messages, whether they were sent via chat, email or any other medium, which enabled the entire customer service team to provide a better and more effective response to all customers, resulting in a more satisfying shopping experience.

Thanks to Zendesk and iMovo, 360hyper now enjoys a strong foundation to support its expansion plans, since the company can now respond to all inquiries faster and more conveniently. In fact, 360hyper has received feedback from long-standing and recent customers outlining how they enjoy their shopping experience and feel both valued and listened to, making the whole process even more beneficial for the company. iMovo has a long history of working with Zendesk as a Premier Implementation Partner and has extensive experience working with companies of various sizes and across a range of industries.

This collaboration allows iMovo to help customers like 360hyper deliver the best customer experience possible. The company’s specialised team is always ready to find the perfect solution to the challenges each client faces on their digital transformation journey. To learn more about how you can partner with iMovo and Zendesk, contact [email protected] for more information


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