The sun is out, the temperature is hotter and it’s finally swimming season. Although summer is not officially here yet, many locals are already keeping tabs on potential lidos and swimming pools where they can enjoy a cocktail and a swim over the coming months.

Over the past two years, took a snapshot of daily rates charged by numerous popular lidos in Malta.

So far, prices have increased each year. This year, although some have kept their prices on par with previous years, an additional increase was noted once again.

On a positive note, lidos have varied their offering, with different pricing options made available to the public, possibly signalling their sensitivity to the widespread inflation that gripped Malta in much of 2023 and 2024.

Over the period of four summers (2021-2024), the 1926 Beach Club prices remained exactly the same.

Just like the rates of 2021, 2022 and 2023, the venue’s prices for a full day by the pool in 2024 stood at €20 euros from Monday to Thursday. Like previous years, the rate increases slightly from Friday to Sunday, and public holidays for €25 euros.

This time around, the Sliema Beach Club is offering a gazebo option for €100 for every other day of the week, including public holidays.

Another popular hotspot for locals is Café del Mar in St Paul’s Bay. The venue is much loved for its views and its infinity pool concept, which later transforms into a party venue.

Normally peak season starts between June and ends by the first week of October. Given Malta’s long summer days, pool rates after the first week of October are reduced for off peak season. This year, Café del Mar introduced another off-peak season, during the three weeks leading up to June.

It should be noted that while rates for standard lounging increased by €5, and rates for luxury beds increased by €10, other lounging options remained the same. In addition, it also included a Gazebo option priced at €150 for peak season and €120 for off peak season.

The pricing structure of the past two years during peak season is as follows:

Normal / Standard bed€20Normal / Standard bed€25
Cushioned bed€30Cushioned bed€35
VIP bed€40VIP bed€45
Luxury (Max two people)€140Luxury (max two people€130

Meanwhile, the pricing structures at Café Del Mar for 2024, covering different periods of swimming season are as follows:

 19th May to 31st May1st June to 6th October (Peak season)7th to 27th October
Normal / Standard Bed€20€30€20
Comfort bed€25€35€25
VIP bed€30€45€30
Luxury bed (Max two people)€110€140€110
Gazebos (Max four people)€120€150€120

Moving on to another popular lido hotspot in Malta, St Julian’s. This year, Intercontinental Malta’s Skybeach has broken its two-year streak of unchanged rates.

Back in 2022 and 2023, €80 at Skybeach’s rooftop pool meant enjoying a day by the pool with a sunlounge, umbrella and credit for food and beverages, €10 higher than rates set in 2021.

This year, Skybeach presented more packages with the average sun lounger package at €90 instead of €80:

Off Peak: 22nd April – 31st May and 14th October until closurePeak Season: 1st June to 13th October
Sun Lounger package for €60. Client gets €60 food and beverage credit in return.Sun Lounger package for €90. Client gets €80 food and beverage credit in return.
Day bed package with a minimum of two guests and a maximum of three guests for €75 per person. Clients get €75 credit.Day bed package with a minimum of two guests and a maximum of three guests for €125 per person. Clients get €125 credit.
Gazebo package with a minimum of eight guests for €60 per person. Maximum capacity between 10 to 12 guests with price capped at €600. Each person gets €60 credit in return.Gazebo package with a minimum of eight guests for €80 per person. Maximum capacity between 10 to 12 guests with price capped at €800. Each person gets €80 credits in return.

Last year Corinthia St George’s Bay Hotel registered the highest increase in prices. Rates on average were almost double of those marked in 2022.

In 2023 visitors paid €45 to spend a day at the lido between Tuesday and Friday, a sharp increase from €25 rate of 2022.

Back in 2022, Saturdays and Mondays were priced at €30 while Sundays and public holidays were priced at €35. In 2023, all days were grouped in one category and priced at €60.

Rates for this year’s Corinthia lido are as follow:

Off peak: 20th May – 27th JunePeak season: 28th June to 13th October
Monday to Saturday at €35Monday to Friday at €45
Sundays and public holidays €60Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, 14th, and 16th August at €60

While the weekends, public holidays and Santa Marija dates are priced at €60, Mondays were shifted to the €45 price group. This will definitely be a welcome price range for those who love lidos on their xalata, the designated Monday day of rest after a week of festa.  

Like other lidos, St George’s Bay lido offers some type of credit in return to the pass. For instance, €20 off any individual treatments at its spa and a €35 voucher to be used at their restaurants.

Last year, also compared prices of Amazonia at the Dolmen Complex, now replaced by DoubleTree by Hilton Malta. Asked about 2024 price rates, Doubletree replied that it is not offering any passes or membership for the pool.

Overall, when taking into account the basic prices of all four lidos on a normal weekday, the average day by the pool would cost €46.25. When comparing the same factors from 2023, the average pool day last year cost around €42.50. This marks an increase of €3.75 in a year’s time.

Economic challenges put pressure on every company, which is why price hikes have been noted in various services and not just goods. In this case, there are several factors which lead to higher prices.

This includes inflation on goods, maintenance and improvements of the lido that might require other services and demand fluctuations, among others.

In addition, although certain hotels hire lido staff for the summer season only, labour costs have certainly increased when compared to previous years, with one of the reasons being that the Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) is still being shouldered by the employer, even at €12.81 a week per employee.

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