Construction crane

In a statement on Thursday (today), the Malta Development Association (MDA) welcomed Legal Notice LN166/23, requiring licensing for contractors, remarking that this is “a positive step towards elevating industry standards and enhancing safety within Malta’s construction industry.”

As from 1st November (yesterday), contractors who did not apply for a licence in demolition, excavation or construction cannot operate legally.

The MDA emphasised the necessity of a robust legal framework that certifies only qualified and competent contractors to operate in Malta. “Anything less, poses a risk to public safety and the wellbeing of contractors employees,” MDA added.

Whilst the MDA appreciates and commends the government’s commitment to upgrading and strengthening the regulatory framework of the construction industry, it “once again” expresses concern regarding the omission of a prerequisite for contractors to hold insurance coverage.

“We firmly believe that insurance should be an integral part of the licensing process, ensuring comprehensive protection for all stakeholders involved in the construction projects within our country. The MDA therefore urges the government to consider this amendment,” the Associated reiterated.

The MDA assured that it will remain dedicated to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety within the sector.


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