Melita Limited has invested close to €400,000 in providing employees with the opportunity to follow an educational programme that would enhance their personal and professional development.

More than 40 employees have taken up Melita’s Sponsorship Programme since its inception in 2007. In addition to the diverse educational opportunities offered through Melita’s Sponsorship Programme, 16 management professionals have so far attended INSEAD, a world-leading business school with campuses in France, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and the US.

Nurturing a culture of continuous learning at Melita, this experience further enhances their ability to lead teams, make informed decisions, and drive impactful results.

The programme’s aim is to provide opportunities to staff members who wish to improve their professional qualifications irrespective of the position they hold with the company.

Melita head of human resources Jacqueline Abela said: “In essence, the Melita sponsorship programme is not just a financial investment; it is a strategic investment in the growth and well-being of our employees. By aligning with our values, this programme reflects our dedication to fostering a workplace culture where every individual is inspired, supported, and equipped for success.”

When the programme was first set up, the sponsorship was only used as a means of enhancing promotions within the company, but today it caters for any course related to the various aspects of an employee’s horizontal and vertical professional growth. The scholarship supports any applications for courses that are at MQF 5 and higher by fully or partially covering the course fees.

One of the employees who benefitted from the programme, Amelie Abela Busuttil, Melita’s legal counsel and data protection officer, said this programme allowed her to advance her studies at the University of Edinburgh.

“The Master of Laws in Information Technology not only provided me with specialised expertise but became a valuable asset in my professional journey within the telecommunications sector. The comprehensive support from Melita played a pivotal role in my personal and professional achievement,” Dr Abela Busuttil said.


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