The Malta Financial Services Authority’s (MFSA) chief executive, Joseph Gavin, is “currently indisposed”, according to an announcement issued on Wednesday morning.

Joseph Gavin MFSA CEO
Joseph Gavin

The authority’s board of governors has appointed Michelle Mizzi Buontempo as acting CEO in Mr Gavin’s absence. Her appointment is effective from 15th June 2022 (today).

Dr Mizzi Buontempo is currently the MFSA’s lead enforcer, being appointed to the role in March 2020, after five years heading conduct supervision.

Michelle Mizzi Buontempo

She has over twenty years of experience in the regulation and supervision of different areas within financial services, including supervision of investment firms and fiduciaries. During her career within the MFSA, Dr Mizzi Buontempo has been entrusted with the responsibility of piloting a number of projects including the setting up of a regulatory regime to enhance consumer protection in the investments and insurance sector, as well the establishment of a new regulatory framework for trustees and company service providers.


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