Malta International Airport registered 528,923 passenger movements in November, marking an increase of 7.2 per cent over 2019 traffic figures.

November traffic peaked four days into the month on the weekend of the school mid-term holidays, with more than 25,000 passengers travelling through the airport that day.

Strong demand resulted in a seat load factor (SLF) of almost 85 per cent, which was 6.8 per cent higher than 2019 levels.

Italy, the United Kingdom, and Germany retained their positions on the airport’s market leader board. On the other hand, France yielded its place to Poland as the latter market made a comeback among the top five drivers of passenger traffic after a seven-month absence.

Last month, 92 per cent of the seats available on flights between seven Polish destinations and Malta were filled, indicating strong demand for travel to this market. This high SLF, together with more frequent operations, led to an increase of 120 per cent in the number of passengers that travelled to and from Poland, compared to 2019.

Although Germany has yet to rebound to 2019 traffic levels, at 90 per cent, its November SLF was also particularly high.

In total, Malta International Airport welcomed 5.8 million passengers in 2022, marking a recovery of 80 per cent of the record traffic it had handled in 2019. Malta International Airport plc is a public company listed on the Malta Stock Exchange, with its shareholders being the Malta Mediterranean Link Consortium (40 per cent), with Flughafen Wien AG owning a 96 per cent share, the Government of Malta (20 per cent), the general public (29.9 per cent), and VIE Malta Limited (10.1 per cent).

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