PKF Malta has announced the successful participation of its head of legal, Robert Spiteri, and legal assistant, Lina Klesper, at the EMEI Regional Meeting 2023 held at Moltkes Palæ in Copenhagen from 31st May to 2nd June.

The EMEI Regional Meeting is a highly anticipated annual conference that brings together professionals from the PKF network across Europe, the Middle East, and India (EMEI). This year’s event, set in the historic city of Copenhagen, focused on the strategic pillars of Growth and Innovation, Quality and PKF Commitment, Global Brand, and Best of Breed, encompassing PKF’s enabling resources, including People and Technology.

During the conference, attendees had the opportunity to delve into a wide range of topics aimed at fostering professional development and industry excellence. The highlights of the event included in-depth discussions on resource growth, niche identification in a competitive marketplace, and becoming market consolidators. Participants also explored strategies to empower future leaders, tailor IT solutions for enhanced client experiences, and implement the new approach to self-awareness in service quality, known as ISQM.

Notably, the conference offered insights into expanding services and venturing into new sectors, including strategies to handle risks, absorb failed investments, select the right team, and effectively penetrate new markets. The conference also explored the immense advisory opportunities for PKF in the field of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) services.

Keeping up with an ever-changing regulatory landscape in the sustainability field is becoming detrimental to exercising our profession with the highest attainable quality possible. The new EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the anticipated EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDD) together with the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) which are currently being drafted, will bring great challenges and opportunities for PKF and its clients.

The ESG landscape in Malta is gradually gaining attention among local businesses as they recognise the importance of environmental, social, and governance aspects. PKF Malta touts itself as a leader of this emerging trend, dedicating its time and resources to equip itself with the necessary expertise. With a strong commitment to developing this practice, PKF Malta aims to provide tailor-made consultancy services that address the specific needs of its clients aiming to offer comprehensive ESG services to enhance their sustainability and responsible practices.

Having successfully held a conference on Renewable Energy and the “E” in ESG in April and hosting a sequel conference on the “S” in ESG with a formidable team of 12 local and US speakers on 27th June at the Hilton Malta Portomaso suite, PKF Malta is aiming to share its experience of ESG on the business side and on the broader scale promoting and facilitating the discussion of ESG on the Island. This conference will explore various aspects, including how a company manages its relationship with its stakeholders, especially its workforce, tackling topics including wellbeing and inclusivity. We will also discuss how ESG will effect access to finance as well as an introduction to ESG reporting and assessments.

The EMEI Regional Meeting provided an excellent platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration among professionals from various regions. We are confident that the insights gained from this conference will enable us to deliver even greater value to our clients and further strengthen our position as a trusted advisor.

The local iteration of PKF thanked PKF Copenhagen for hosting and to PKF International for organising. “We are already looking forward to next year´s EMEI Regional Meeting and we hope to welcome many of you on 27th June to PKF Malta´s The “S” in ESG conference at Hilton Malta. Register here”.

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