Prime Minister Robert Abela assured the Association of Catering Establishments (ACE) that the Government “will keep supporting businesses and families by keeping energy prices stable”, as part of its economic policy.

The Prime Minister, accompanied by Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo, Parliamentary Secretary Andy Ellul and Labour backbencher Omar Farrugia met with ACE on Tuesday (today). This meeting was one of Dr Abela’s pre-budget consultations sessions with relevant stakeholders, ahead of its presentation on the 30th October.  

For the past two years, the Government has subsidised energy, fuel, gas and cereal prices in order to keep inflation rates lower.

Dr Abela remarked that “it is important for the Government to continue its support to businesses and families if we want to fight inflation.”

He also made referenced to increased tourism figures, showing a strong recovery post COVID-19. “Despite the positive results, we need to work harder to attract quality tourism. We need to find a balance between quality and quantity to have a sustainable tourism sector,” Dr Abela concluded.

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