Prime Minister Robert Abela stressed that all citizens of the European Union should fully benefit from the benefits of the Single Market without creating distinctions and disadvantages, in a meeting with former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta, who has been charged with preparing a report on the future of the Single Market on the 30th anniversary of its establishment.

During the meeting the Prime Minister pointed out the barriers created by national actions running contrary to the spirit of the Single Market, as in the field of iGaming, while raising concerns about the impact of regulations that do not take into account the particular situation of peripheral countries like Malta.

He primarily mentioned the importance of connectivity for a periphery country such as Malta, while stressing the need for conditions to guarantee equity in the Single Market including for unhindered access to medicines.

Dr Abela said that in the field of pharmaceuticals, regulatory issues should be addressed to ensure fair access to medicines for all.

He also remarked on the need to safeguard the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, which he called “the backbone of European economies,” to continue to roam and move forward in the Single Market and push economic growth and innovation.

Prime Minister Abela welcomed the work Dr Letta is doing by preparing a comprehensive report, not only through discussions with the European institutions but also in talks with the respective national governments.

In this regard, the Prime Minister reiterated the need for better legislation that takes into account the impact on each member state and that in the impact analysis takes into account the needs of all.

He mentioned as an example recent environmental legislation, such as the European Fit for 55 Directive and the Mobility Package, with part of the latter recently judged to be an error to be nullified in an official opinion of the European Advocate General.

“There is a need for a better legislative process that takes into account particular cases of member states such as Malta,” said Dr Abela.

In the meeting with Dr Letta, Dr Abela said that flexibility in state aid in critical sectors such as transport, digital connectivity and energy, among others, remains important, together with respect for national competence in taxation policy.

The Prime Minister also noted the importance of respecting the European principle of a free market in services, so that the European Union is competitive in other areas such as gaming.

Dr Abela concluded by pointing out that Dr Letta’s work in preparing a report on the future of the Single Market is crucial for the European Union’s strategic and economic vision for today’s and tomorrow’s generations.

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