Malta marsascala

A new workers’ union called Solidarjetà is up and running in Malta, with a sub-section dedicated to tenants rights.

The union received its registration late last year and has started operating today. It was set up to empower both workers and tenants, and the union will actively work towards enhancing their living and working conditions.

Gabriel Apap, the secretary-treasurer of Solidarjetà said: “The union is committed to fighting for higher wages, reduced income and wealth inequality, housing affordability, and a shorter working week.”

The trade union is proactively organising workers facing increasingly precarious conditions, aiming to create an environment where workers are empowered to take direct action to enhance their situation.

Tenants will have a dedicated section with an elected representative in the executive council.

Meanwhile, the tenant section of the union is assisting members directly through direct negotiations with landlords and agents to improve their living conditions, getting back their rightful deposit and ensuring landlords are not abusing the law.

Recently, the government proposed amendments to the private residential leases act intending to limit overcrowding of rental homes.

Matthew Attard, the president of Solidarjetà, partly welcomed the government’s recent proposals, which will also allow the housing authority to take stronger measures against abusive landlords. However, he expressed disappointment that other amendments in the law clearly continue to be pro-landlord. 

“Over the coming months, the union will push to continue strengthening the private residential leases act so that tenants have a more secure, stable and affordable place to live,” Attard said.

Due to the lack of accessible information regarding tenants rights, the union has collected all the relevant information into a website page, which can be accessed here. This initiative ensures tenants have ready access to vital information, empowering them to navigate their rights and responsibilities effectively.

If any worker or tenant would like to join or contact the union they can do so through their website, via email or on Whatsapp by texting +356 99810787.


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