Businesses and households that experienced prolonged electricity interruptions, exceeding six hours cumulatively between 17th and 27th of July, will be entitled to a one-time ex-gratia payment.

Government announced on Tuesday (today), that the one-time payment is being given due to the “sustained and unprecedented heatwave that averaged more than 40 degrees Celsius, which affected the electricity distribution system.”

Non-residential accounts, meaning businesses with a commercial account will be entitled to an ex-gratia payment equivalent to one-month consumption calculated on the actual average consumption of that account in June, July and August 2022. The amount increases gradually depending on the number of hours impacted, capped at a maximum of €10,000 per account.

 Total power interruption duration (17th-27th July, 2023) One-time payment (percentage of your average monthly consumption of June-July-August 2022) 
 from six up to eight hours  100%
 more than eight and up to 12 hours  120%
 more than 12 and up to 24 hours  140%
 more than 24 and up to 36 hours  160%
 more than 36 and up to 48 hours  180%
 more than 48 hours 200% 
The application for non-residential accounts opens on Friday 29th September and will remain open until 31st December 2023

The scheme will be operated in collaboration with Malta Enterprise and was discussed with all relevant stakeholders who supported it.

Businesses that experienced an interruption are to apply online on electricitypayment.maltaenterprise.com and a validation exercise by Enemalta and ARMS will be carried out.

On the other hand, affected residential accounts will automatically receive a credit to their utility bills based on the average consumption of households during the corresponding three-month period of last year. The credit will be equivalent to the average monthly consumption of households and will increase according to the hours of interrupted service.

The credit will be provided automatically for those accounts which Enemalta’s information system identified as impacted. Residential accounts residential accounts receiving an automatic payment will be notified via a letter through ARMS, which will be sent out in the coming days.

Total power interruption durationPayment of Average Monthly Consumption
 from six up to eight hours  €60
 more than six and up to 12 hours  €70
 more than 12 and up to 24 hours  €80
 more than 24 and up to 36 hours  €90
 more than 36 and up to 48 hours  €100
 more than 48 hours €110
In case of exceptional faults during the same period, customers may apply online. The application opens on Monday 9th October.

In this case as well, Enemalta and ARMS will carry out a validation exercise before issuing the credit amount.

Customers with domestic accounts are not included automatically, however in cases such as summer residences, where people were residing and during the same period they experienced over six hours cumulatively of interrupted service, may also apply via the online application form. This application form is also open until 31st December, 2023. A helpline has also been set up to further support customers: 80002024. Emails can also be sent to [email protected].


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