A studio apartment in Xagħra Gozo has grabbed the attention of many expats and locals for its tight space and simple features.

The apartment in question was advertised on Facebook showing that it’s available for long-let.

Situated in the north-east of Gozo, it has one room and one bathroom, accommodating one tenant.. Through the images, it can be noted that the apartment includes a small kitchen with a tabletop portable stove, microwave and a small table and chair across. It also has a washing machine, a small fridge and clothing storage whilst the other end of the apartment features a small bed and a night stand

The end of the room is then divided with a curtain, including a shower in close proximity, a sink, mirror and toilet.

The bathroom of the studio apartment / Nicholas Cassar van Dommelen

While some compared the rental to a jail cell, other commentators reasoned that at €8 a day, this accommodation is one of the few catering to “people who have lower budgets”.

“If I had no money, I would be happy with a dry place and necessary equipment for an affordable price. It may not be very pretty but some people, in certain circumstances, might appreciate it,” they remarked.

Some expats commented that that for that price, in Malta, the only accomodation one would be able to find is a shared bedroom, “probably with six other people.”

Meanwhile, one individual shared that as a student, she rented several units in London which were even smaller.

Another commentator agreed, saying they also rented some less desirable units than this Gozo apartment.

The apartment also has space for clothing storage / Nicholas Cassar van Dommelen

Given that foreign nationals often stay in Malta for a short period, the majority opt for rental options. Many have made headlines for renting bed space in shared bedrooms with others in a similar situation, cutting down on costs.

A few months ago, the Government introduced a change in rent regulation law that will see a limit of six tenants being imposed on all rentals, no matter their size or number of bedrooms.

With tighter budgets and the new regulation, many staying on the island for a short period might be on the lookout for micro-housing as a cheaper alternative, a trend on the rise in many urban cities across the world, including Europe.

Micro-housing, or compact living spaces, offer a solution to an affordbale space in busy and densely populated ares.

Benefits of micro-housing include being a solution to high-cost housing and more access to areas that are generally more expensive than others.

If designed and planned well micro-housing can also be beneficial for the environment as smaller living spaces have a lower carbon footprint.  

Featured Image:

The Gozo apartment for rent / Facebook 


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