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Over the past decade, the iGaming industry has seen a tremendous amount of progress, with new technology and better regulations making the experience safer and more enjoyable. As a result, an increasing number of players are signing up to play at online casino sites each year. While the iGaming industry is growing worldwide, few places have benefitted from this growth as much as Malta.

Since the early 2000s, Malta has positioned itself as a world leader in terms of iGaming regulations, creating favourable conditions for online casino sites to thrive while also ensuring a high level of security and fairness. Today, there are thousands of gambling platforms for players to choose from, but the best sites are always based in Malta. You can see all the top sites and their rankings at, with in-depth reviews of what each platform has to offer. 

 Why Malta is a hub of the iGaming industry

The very first casinos appeared soon after the world wide web became mainstream in the late 90s. People all over the world were interested in this new way to play, although the lack of regulations and technological limitations often made the experience difficult and even dangerous. 

The government of Malta, recognising the potential for this brand new industry to expand, established the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This organisation helped to create the very first online gambling regulations, and continues to be a world leader in iGaming regulation today. It’s responsible for licensing gambling platforms, upholding standards and ensuring players are protected. 

Aside from establishing the MGA and its licensing process, the government also set out reasonable tax laws that were designed to encourage the growth of the iGaming industry on the island. Very soon, some of the world’s biggest online gambling organisations were making their headquarters on Malta. This has helped turn Malta into a thriving hub of iGaming businesses, creating new job opportunities for local people.

Why Malta online casinos stand out

Malta has built a reputation as the best place for online gaming. Casinos that are based on the island are used by players all over the world. Although there’s a lot of competition, the effect that Malta has had on the industry is impossible to deny. So what exactly makes Malta casino sites stand out in a sea of online gaming platforms? 

Well, the biggest factor is the level of trustworthiness that they offer. Security and safety are important things to consider when it comes to choosing and online casino. Platforms that have the MGA licence have been confirmed as being safe to use and this indicates they’re trustworthy. The game that they offer are tested to ensure they’re completely random and that the software is fair. 

Aside from that, Malta online casinos make great efforts to provide the best possible experience to players. They’re easy to use, with thousands of exciting games to choose from. The games are obviously the thing that players enjoy the most, so it makes sense that Malta casinos prioritise great games from the best developers. 

All of the top-rated online gambling platforms in Malta also offer excellent promotions and bonuses for players to claim and enjoy. These special offers make the online casino experience more fun and provide extra rewards to new sign ups and loyal customers. Thanks to these promotions, many new players join the world of iGaming every day.

With the growth of the online casino industry, many new gambling authorities and organisations have emerged. While some of these aim to compete with the MGA, it remains the gold standard in the eyes of players and professionals around the world. 


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