Assessing the strength of bond issuers

July 18, 2024
by BN Writer

Edward Rizzo says that companies with lower net debt to EBITDA ratios should focus on debt-reduction activities

Financial literacy for Global Money Week

March 23, 2024
by BN Writer

David Pace Ross explains some common financial terms on the occasion of the Global and European Money Week

Bulls run wild: From the Mag 7 to the Granolas

March 21, 2024
by BN Writer

A financial analysis of global capital markets, focusing on key companies exhibiting strong growth

Replicating a British ISA in Malta

March 14, 2024
by BN Writer

Rizzo Farrugia (Stockbrokers) Director Edward Rizzo encourages local policy makers to consider reforms leading to a more active capital market

Unlocking the rise of shorter stays: Exploring changing tourism trends in Malta

March 10, 2024
by BN Writer

While shorter stays present opportunities for Malta's tourism sector, balancing quantity and quality tourism becomes all the more crucial

Malta International Airport dividends at all-time high

March 7, 2024
by BN Writer

Rizzo Farrugia (Stockbrokers) Director Edward Rizzo praised the company’s ‘remarkable’ financial strength

HSBC’s profits surge to record level

February 29, 2024
by BN Writer

The key driver behind the surge in profits for HSBC Malta to a new all-time high was undoubtedly the normalised ...

Activity on the Borza: A local capital market analysis

February 22, 2024
by BN Writer

Companies need to replicate strategies of several overseas companies and activate corporate actions to improve shareholder returns

The free float debate: A capital market analysis

February 15, 2024
by BN Writer

The various authorities need to urgently devise a well-articulated plan for the Maltese capital market

Power purchase agreements for net zero – Malta’s Green Horizon?

February 12, 2024
by BN Writer

PPAs can drive decarbonization efforts to help states and companies meet their climate goals

Earnings season ahead

February 8, 2024
by BN Writer

Companies listed on the MSE must emulate their foreign counterparts and provide ongoing detailed updates at each opportunity

Mixed fortunes for Japan and China

February 1, 2024
by BN Writer

While European and US equity markets are performing well following a sharp downturn, across Asia, the situation is somewhat different

The trend is your friend

January 25, 2024
by BN Writer

Investors may not truly appreciate the compounding effect of retained profits

Structuring a deal when business partners split

January 21, 2024
by BN Writer

When cash is in short supply to finance a quick exit, there are other possible means of settlement to consider

Fantastic year for Malta International Airport

January 18, 2024
by BN Writer

Passenger volumes through MIA have already surpassed pre-COVID levels while other countries are yet to achieve the 2019 passenger traffic

The effect of the rise in minimum wages on average wage growth

January 18, 2024
by BN Writer

As announced in Budget 2024, the national minimum wage is set to rise during the period 2024-2026