Technology and real estate – why they work so well together

January 14, 2022
by BN Writer

Dhalia Real Estate explains how technology can be utilised in the real estate industry

What is causing prices to rise in Europe?

December 30, 2021
by BN Writer

PKF Malta's Lina Klesper discusses the prices hikes that have been recorded across Europe during 2021

Tackling the different aspects of Cyber Law

December 12, 2021
by BN Writer

With the growth of cyberspace and the imminent 'metaverse', the dangers associated with cyber crime are rising

Tools for highly sensitive areas and the food & beverage industry

November 22, 2021
by BN Writer

Hailing from Denmark with over a century of experience, Vikan have amassed the industry’s largest bank of hygiene insights

50 darker shades of listing

October 25, 2021
by BN Writer

Greylisting causes a significant drop in capital inflows

Cash payments meeting today’s technologies

October 17, 2021
by BN Writer

A valuable tool for companies and shop owners to be more secure, more efficient and hassle-free from human error

Why you need to get your real estate licence with Dhalia

October 1, 2021
by BN Writer

A change in law means Malta’s real estate professionals must get certified to continue practicing

How strong will the US emerge from the global COVID crisis?

September 12, 2021
by BN Writer

PKF Malta’s Lina Klesper shares some reflections on the USA & COVID, from politics to the economy, and more

Keeping up with the pace: corrugated packaging and digital transformation

August 28, 2021
by BN Writer

How are corrugated box manufacturing companies able to cope with the surge in demand caused by the pandemic?

Artificial Intelligence to our rescue.

August 21, 2021
by BN Writer

Many efforts have been undertaken to accelerate AI research in order to combat COVID-19 and develop vaccines

A lawyer’s perspective: COVID and restrictions on freedom of movement

August 9, 2021
by BN Writer

'As is to be expected from a fundamental right, the withdrawal of such can have other repercussions'

Tackling Asia – Re-igniting business collaborations between Malta and China

July 28, 2021
by BN Writer

On PKF Malta’s long-standing efforts to promote business collaboration between Malta and China

A new era for businesses: of the need to be agile in ever-changing markets

July 11, 2021
by BN Writer

Global Freight Solutions’ managing director on how the company adapted to continuously changing realities

Fostering SME growth through an industry-leading ERP

June 27, 2021
by BN Writer

More often than not, SMEs resort to sticking to their legacy financial system

Good governance vs overzealousness: where do we stand?

June 22, 2021
by BN Writer

Malta Employer Association consultant Kevin J Borg shares his thoughts after chairing a panel on good governance