Natalia Kolesnikova

The past decade has been characterised by business models that have veritably disrupted age-old practices, shifting the power-balance completely and bringing about some very surprising results. Global powerhouses in the courier, rentals, transport and others industries, have elbowed themselves as leaders, opening the way for many others to be inspired.

“It will all be a matter of how much we are capable of finding collaborative solutions across industries,” says Natalia Kolesnikova, from Blackcatcard, as she explains how the payment solutions leader is looking beyond, and gearing up to assist businesses scale up.

“Companies like casinos or other online-based players are not looking for another payment gateway. We are more than aware that the market is saturated with payment solutions that by and large are offering similar products. What companies need are experienced partners that can bring more to the table, becoming trusted affiliates that can help them improve the customer experience through an upgraded journey,” Natalia expounds.

“At Blackcatcard, we choose to take a different angle, looking at possible collaborations from a different point of view. We know that our knowledge in the field of money transfers and providing payment solutions, can help other companies improve their user experience, grow their customer-base loyalty, and shift their mindset to a customer-centric approach of doing things.”

Natalia in fact continues to explain how their experience can make a real difference. “Over the years we have handled thousands of transfers across multiple jurisdictions. Moreover, as an upstanding financial institution, we are at the top of our game when it comes to background checks, due diligence and AML verification. This is a crucial part of the equation which we are more than happy to share with potential collaborators. In fact, Blackcatcard can help bring together customers with potential products and services in a way that benefits everyone.”

“Making sure that customers are on board and fully aware of their choices at all times, we can help businesses access a steady flow of customers who would already have been checked and verified from our end. This way, potential collaborating partners would save a ton of time and money on doing their own due diligence processes – something we are proficient in,” Natalia continues. 

The Head of PR & Partnership also explains how their experience can help businesses go for a more customer-centric experience.

“Our vast volume of data shows us what customers are looking for when experiencing an online journey. We know what leads to a successful conversion and what hiccups there might be along the way, ultimately putting a customer off. This way customers can get to their service quicker in a friendlier and more streamlined manner,” she notes.

According to Natalia, the world is slowly shifting away from traditional methods such as using banking cards, which often offer limitations on what can be done, since they need to be topped up manually. “Moreover, cards can easily be blocked bringing about dissatisfaction to customers. In fact, clients are increasingly seeing the value of alternative solutions such as Blackcatcard, which operates differently.”

Blackcatcard introduces a novel way of making online payments which are touted as being safe for customers as well as the businesses they interact with. That is because, the system does away with bank cards all together, essentially removing the middle person completely. Blackcatcard is the battle horse of Papaya Ltd, an electronic money institution which has been making shockwaves with its innovative solutions for e-wallets and payment cards.

Natalia is keen to note that innovative solution is applicable to virtually any service that can be offered online.

“Our solutions are not available only to casinos, but they can be applicable to any product or service that can make the leap into the tech world. We have seen it happen with the property rental market, for instance. Up till not too long ago, this realm was governed exclusively by agents, their affiliates, and their considerable fees. Today, seeking to rent an apartment for instance is as straightforward as ordering a simple product online, and we look forward to opening up these new horizons for more industries and partners in the near future,” Natalia concludes.

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