The previous year was certainly a difficult one for most industries. One that is often brought up is the aviation industry. A study conducted by Statista revealed that the total number of flights globally since the impact of COVID has dropped to the lowest number in 15 years. As a response to this, many players within the industry are already on the lookout for innovative ways to penetrate the market once again.

It is no secret that one of the ways to introduce innovation within your organisation is by implementing a strong digital transformation strategy. The benefits of digital transformation are well-known at this point; increased business scalability, AI-assisted decision making, and effective stock control are but a few examples often associated with digital transformation projects. 

But what of aviation? Here are some of the key benefits most likely to impact your business within the aviation industry:

Streamlined Service Order Flow

The tracking of private aircraft, as well as where and when they are being chartered is often an arduous task to perfect. Robotic Process Automation can provide your organization with an automated order flow that integrates seamlessly with your back end. Through this implementation, the task of aircraft chartering becomes simpler, with real-time data populating your centralized platform ensuring that each flight is tracked efficiently while reducing the overall risk of human error.

Supply Chain Management

Staying on top of your supply chain is essential. Through utilizing a powerful supply chain management platform that integrates with your business processes, you are able to log in service orders, repair requests, while also being able to easily retrieve a complete history of service orders and quotes through the service order log. This ensures transparency and adds another layer of quality to your supply chain.

Cost Control

Successfully digitizing most of your business processes is also one great way to greatly reduce operational costs throughout your company. The handling of a centralized document management system will not only solve administrative headaches but also avoids the excessive use of paperwork-heavy documentation that is often misplaced or reaches sky-high costs to store and protect.

Revenue Tracking/Profitability Analysis

Adopting predictive analytics and AI-powered smart insights enable your organization to predict sales propensity at an individual level, and likely income at a corporate level. This, in turn, allows for smarter revenue tracking and the ability to identify how profitable each chartered trip is for your business. 

The specific benefits of digital transformation are evident. So why undergo digital transformation now? As the market once again looks to open, it’s once again crucial to attain the highest profit margin while keeping the cost of overheads low. Digital transformation allows for your business processes to be at their very best, all the while ensuring that you are always on top of your crucial data.

Exigy is a Microsoft Gold Partner, comprised of industry experts that have been implementing digital transformation projects for over 18 years. Our expertise in digital transformation has allowed us to lend a hand to the evolution of several companies within the aviation industry. Discover how we can do the same for you, by getting in touch here.


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