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Would you imagine yourself going on holiday and staying in the middle of Gozo’s Ċittadella, a fortified historic site? At €129 per night, you can.

Indeed, two tourists visited Gozo and shared this exact experience on TikTok. Garnering nearly 34,000 views on the app, the video shows the two women on a mission to find the Airbnb they booked in the middle of Ċittadella.

The naturally fortified hill is found in the heart of Gozo, in Victoria (Rabat). It is known for its medieval architecture, which transports its visitors back in time.


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Surprising many, the three floored “rustic” townhouse is the only accommodation found in Ċitadella.

The house is accessed through a private street “ to ensure exclusive access,” and forms part of a guarded site. Naturally, access to the roof provides the tourists with panoramic views of Ċittadella’s charm. It offers two bedrooms, a bathroom with toiletries provided, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Despite the unique stay, the owner warns any potential visitors about noise levels and to consider whether the “lively atmosphere of Ċittadella” aligns with the potential clients’ preferences.

The outside area of the propert / Airbnb

“Please note that Ċittadella is a lively cultural hub, hosting events throughout the year. During the day, you may hear sounds from these events and the ringing of church bells for mass and celebrations,” the owner noted in the listing.

Furthermore, the owner highlights that due to strict regulations within the UNESCO heritage site, windows are traditional wooden framed, single-pane glass with shutters. “While these windows add to the charm of the property, they do not provide soundproofing to the same extent as modern materials,” the owner writes.

This issue was noted in the reviews left by past clients. Despite the majority praising the location and overall stay, many noted the noise created by church bells. One visitor noted that while advising future visitors to be aware of church bells is bothered by them, “it was worth it.”

The general sentiment among the many reviews was that the picturesque location made their stay special, “and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

The approximate location of the property/ Airbnb

Not a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ċittadella has been on Malta’s tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1998.

The tentative list has a number of landmarks considered to be cultural or natural heritage sites of great value. Properties named in the list are intended to be nominated for the inclusion on the World Heritage List in the future.

Malta has three UNESCO World Heritage sites: the capital city Valletta, the Ħal-Saflieni Hypogeum and the Megalithic Temples. On the other hand, Coastal Cliffs, Qawra/Dwejra, Knights’ Fortifications around the Harbours of Malta, Mdina, the Victoria Lines Fortifications and the Maltese Catacombs Complexes all form part of the tentative list.

Last year, Assistant Director at Gozo’s Cultural Heritage Directorate, Stephen Cini, told Euronews that following the restoration works conducted in Ċittadella, Malta is “on the right path” to move from the tentative list to the actual heritage list.

“Our dream would be [that] one day, we could see our Ċittadella on the UNESCO heritage list,” Mr Cini said.

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