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Exigy’s Francois Grech provides key pointers to ensure workers are on the same page as decision-makers

The past months have shown more than ever before that change is necessary for the survival of your business. However, resistance to change is still a worthy obstacle in any organization’s digital transformation journey. A key reason behind a significant portion of digital transformation project failures stems from the act of forcing change onto the business’ people rather than allowing them to adapt and evolve around feedback provided to them.

Here are some key pointers to ensure that your people are on the same page as your decision-makers, to ensure the smooth sailing of your digital transformation projects.

Demonstrate the benefits. One effective way to communicate your vision with your employees is through demonstration. By introducing digital tools simply and clearly, it will become easier for your people to envision how these tools will benefit the productivity of your business processes. Being clear about how the introduction of these tools will be implemented will also prove to be greatly beneficial. By establishing a clear understanding of what, how, and why, your people will feel more comfortable with the concept of embracing the new tools you intend to introduce.

Instant feedback. A Digital Transformation project is often a solution that will benefit all aspects of your businesses. It is therefore essential that a culture of feedback is introduced, as this will open the opportunity for concerns or issues to be addressed efficiently. This will also involve your employees, who will get the feeling of involvement that can encourage them to get on board with your digital transformation project.

Transparency with adapting. Nowadays, the rolling out of updates is common within just about any technological platform. Your new digital solution is no different. Therefore, it is highly suggested to a direct approach, and to avoid over-promising on resolutions. Through this transparency, your people will appreciate the more iterate approach, while feeling engaged and more receptive to the new changes.    

Identify champions. Recognizing the advocates of your proposed changes is essential to your digital transformation journey. These people can answer questions by other teammates, give helpful feedback to your leaders and establish themselves as leaders that encourage others to make the best use of the new tools at their disposal.

In conclusion, paving the way for your people to embrace the changes that come with adopting a digital transformation project is no simple task. However, achieving a combination of the points above will certainly encourage adaptability and empower your employees. In a reality where change is required quickly and with little warning, this may prove to be a truly powerful direction for your organization’s growth.

Exigy is a Microsoft Gold Partner, comprised of industry experts that have been implementing digital transformation projects for over 18 years. Our expertise in implementations has allowed us to lend a hand to the evolution of several innovative companies, both locally and internationally.

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