Aaron Farrugia - DOI Photo

In line with Malta’s 2050 Low-Carbon Development Strategy, cleaner modes of transport are one step towards mitigating emissions, creating more green jobs, and driving our green recovery, Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia said.

The Minister was speaking during the launch of the first fully electric luxury vehicle in Malta by Dacoby Chauffuer Service, where he said that such initiatives by the private sector are commendable as they are in line with Government’s goal towards a low-carbon economy. 

Minister Farrugia said that achieving carbon-neutrality is no small feat: going for carbon neutrality means that the government needs to work on a just transition and fair incentives, and also that certain economic sectors and businesses need to change. 

“We need to start by recognising the negative impact of transport on our emission levels. As a Government, we are already incentivising the use of electric cars, while continuing to invest in improved transport infrastructure and looking at a mass transit system. Promoting more sustainable mobility would be beneficial for all.

“Renewable energy plants, as well as our shift towards better, cleaner, and greener buildings and more intelligent planning will also help us in decarbonizing our economy. All of this, in turn, will lead to the creation of more green jobs and help drive a post-COVID green recovery—allowing us to build back better”, the minister said. 

A green transition is necessary in order to avoid the effects of climate change, and the Government is committed to mitigating emissions whilst continuing to generate economic growth, the Minister explained.

He added that this investment by Dacoby is an example of socially and environmentally conscious steps that the private sector can take in order to shift towards more sustainable production patterns. 

“The responsibility to tackle climate change lies upon each and every one of us, be it the government or the private sector. Malta’s Low Carbon Development Strategy will guide us towards the carbon neutrality objective, and we are looking at delivering net-zero emissions.

“Our most important responsibility is protecting our planet: delivering a clean, healthy, sustainable environment for our future and our children. Mitigating the threats of climate change, before it’s too late,” the Minister said, adding that he looks forward to attending the long-awaited COP-26 UN Climate Change Conference in November, where Malta’s ambitious action plan will be laid out at EU level. 

Managing Director Darren Zarb said that one of the top priorities for Dacoby has always been its environmental responsibility. “Ever since its inception as a small one-man company, its vision was always clear. Dacoby aims to be the leader in the luxury transport industry.

“This does not only mean being an innovator in the way luxury transport is provided but also thinking ahead and making eco-friendly choices.  It has once again put the environment at the top of its agenda and invested over ninety-thousand euro in a brand new Mercedes Benz E-Vito which is the first one of its kind in Malta, as well as additional infrastructure required including charging stations in the garaging premises.”

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