Some stand-out Maltese architectural projects have been recognised for their innovative approach to sustiainability – and for their beauty – by the BIG SEE, a “creative industries’ hub for people, projects, products and habitats shaping the sustainable future.”

It is based in South-East Europe and aims to “empower and encourage creative industries and minds to take up the mission only they can accomplish: to trigger and push through urgent changes in the ways we live and work and above all consume.”

BIG SEE believes that designers and architects have to deliver “sustainable products and projects that are better and more affordable and that look great, too.”

Maltese projects won nine awards in the latest iteration. The five listed here are all residential, but another two were commercial (The Cisk Tap and The Grist; and One80 Izakaya) one geared for sports (the Cottonera Olympic Indoor Pool) and recreation and another involving public open space (Green Islands in Qormi).

Without further ado, these are the residential projects recognised for their innovative and sustainable approach to architecture.

twentyfour (Architecture Award – Residential)

Situated in Rabat, Malta, twentyfour combines the “timeless aesthetics” of Maltese architecture with a contemporary sensibility. The minimalist design strips the building of traditional elements and colour, adopting instead a monochromatic scheme following the natural hues of the local stone while paying meticulous attention to curvature.

Image: Matthew Farrugia

The project was designed by 3DM Architecture and built by ICI Limited.

PROJECT 16 (Interior Design Award – Residential)

This sizeable villa was turned into a warm and welcoming space with a strong sense of harmony and consistency.

“The challenge of having a large open space with only a few dividing walls was overcome by using split flooring, different ceiling levels & finishes, as well as the use of materials, to retain a sense of flow and transparency whilst still distinguishing the respective areas.”

Photo: Peter Pullicino

The project was designed for Stefan Galea by Atmosphere Design and Clive Falzon, together with Dominique Falzon.

Villa Remigio (Interior Design Award – Residential)

This imposing country residence in Madliena had suffered from insensitive interventions and neglect, but was saved from speculation and lovingly turned into a home by the present owners. Works included structural alterations making use of local materials and traditional craftsmanship. Other interventions included a new conservatory added to the kitchen, an infinity indoor/outdoor pool with surrounding decking and arcade, new stone vaulted ceilings, handcrafted helical stone stairs, bespoke patterned cement tiling, limestone paving, new timber apertures and handmade wrought iron railings.

Photo: Martine Ellul

The project was designed by Wallace Farrugia & Associates, with project partners including Carmelo Cutajar, Schreinerei Albers, Dolphin Pools Ltd, and Halmann Vella Ltd.

Valletta Townhouse (Architecture Award – Residential)

Once shrouded in debris, this three-storey Valletta townhouse now enjoys abundant natural light through new skylights. Timber louvers help the house maintain a close link between the interior and exterior, showcasing every detail in the balance between tradition and innovation.

Photo: Andrew Mizzi

The project was designed by AP Valletta in collaboration with MTGF Design Studio for Henri and Sue Mizzi. Project partners included Schranz Limited, Agius Stoneworks, and Profession Luxury SRL.

Zero-Energy Living (Architecture Award – Residential)

Created out of a mix of marble, granite, concrete, and perforated steel, this semi-detached corner dwelling includes several energy-efficient features, such as a solar chimney, 18 high-performance PV panels, and a fully insulated building skin.

“A central three-story-high light well diffuses natural light down to basement level. Air heats up at the glazed top and, rising by convection, escapes out of openable apertures, pulling cooler air through the basement to naturally cool the living spaces during hot Maltese summers.”

Photo: Sean Mallia

This project was designed by STUDJURBAN.

Featured Image:

twentyfour / Matthew Farrugia

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