The United Kingdom (UK) has announced a new set of nature-inspired coins commissioned by King Charles III.

The coins, expected to enter circulation by the end of 2023, are also centred around teaching young ones how to count, with large numbers to attract children to learn all about money.

King Charles III notorious for his love and passion for nature, so much so that he is described as the “green King”. King Charles III is known to support sustainable practices such as recycling his clothes, using sustainable fuel and practising organic farming.

The Royal Mint’s director, Rebecca Morgan, stated that “the animals and everything one can see on the coins, will appeal to children. They are great conversation starters.” The Royal Mint responsible for these coins is based in Llantrisant, Rhondda Cyon Taf, in Wales.

What will be featured on the coins?

  • 1p: A hazel dormouse.

  • 2p: A red squirrel.

  • 5p: An oak tree leaf.

  • 10p: A capercaillie grouse.

  • 20p: A puffin.

  • 50p: The atlantic salmon.

  • £1: Bees.

  • £2: The national flowers: England has a rose, Wales has a daffodil, Scotland has a thistle and Northern Ireland has a shamrock.

To accompany the natural theme, the coins will feature three Cs, symbolising the monarch, whilst the £2 specifically will feature the Latin phrase: “In servitio omnium”, meaning “in service of all”, taken from the King’s inaugural speech.

Featured Image:

Main Image: The Royal Mint


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