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The Maltese Government Treasury has announced two new stock issues worth a total of €200 million, with an additional €100 million available in case of over-allotment.

The two new fixed rate Malta Government Stocks are a 3.4 per cent option redeemable in 2027 and a four per cent option redeemable in 2032.

The price for each stock offered for subscription by members of the public has been established at €101.25 for the 2027 stock, with a yield to maturity (YTM) of 3.124 per cent, corresponding t oan annualised rate of 3.149 per cent, and €100 for the one redeemable in 2031, having a YTM of four per cent, corresponding to an annualised rate of 4.04 per cent.

The general public has the possibility of applying for these stocks in multiples of €100 (nominal) and up to a maximum of €100,000 per application.

For applications in excess of €100,000, a tendering process applies.

Subscriptions for the general public open on Monday 10th October and close on Wednesday 12th October 2022 at 2.30pm – or earlier at the discretion of the accountant general.

On the other hand, tenders in the form of sealed bids will open on Friday 14th October and close on the same day at noon. Again, this period might close earlier, at the discretion of the Accountant General.

Application forms may be obtained from and lodged at, all members of the Malta Stock Exchange and other authorised investment service providers. Application forms may also be downloaded from the Treasury’s website as from Friday 7th October (today), while brokers have already opened calls to interested investors.

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