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Transport Malta is sitting on 1,264 pending applications for the grant in relation to the purchase of electric vehicles that were submitted in 2023.

Another 280 were sent in during January and February 2024, leading to a combined figure of over 1,500 applications for the grant, representing a total of more than €17 million in pending payments.

The figure came to light after Transport Minister Chris Bonett was asked to provide the number of applications awaiting approval by Opposition MP Ryan Callus.

Each application is for a cash grant of €11,000, with another possible €1,000 for applicants who scrap their previous petrol-fuelled vehicle.

Maltese residents are eligible for the generous grant which, as per its guidelines – since removed from its webpage – should be disbursed within a couple of months.

Last month, the Minister told Parliament that the backlog of applications – which has caused consternation among buyers and vendors alike – will “soon be up to date.”

Those words will likely come under the spotlight now as the total funds approved for the scheme only amounts to €15 million – whereas the pending applications alone make up over €17 million.

One EV enthusiast, who spoke to BusinessNow.mt on condition of anonymity, said that this leaves new applicants likely to wait for months if not an entire year, as the funds allocated for 2024 will likely go to clear the backlog from 2023 – but thereby creating a new backlog of applications submitted this year.

On its website, Transport Malta says that in 2023 it approved a total of 2,414 applications. However, it is not clear whether this amount includes the 1,264 pending payment, or not.


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