Janice Calleja - Print&Merch

Branded merchandise continues to be a highly effective marketing tool for companies to build connections with clients and consumers in fun, creative ways. Whether it’s sharing informative brochures at expos or giving out freebies, these tangible products not only boost brand awareness but can also nurture lasting relationships. What’s more, when clients casually sport a branded keychain or t-shirt, they inadvertently become a walking endorsement, helping companies reach new audiences in subtle ways.

Over the past 12 years, Print&Merchandise has established itself as one of the largest promotional material and merchandise providers in Malta, helping numerous businesses bring their merchandising ideas to life. Forming part of events management specialist 242.group, they provide a huge catalogue of product and merchandising options that cater to a range of needs, from posters and bespoke expo stalls to items like 3D prints, NFC cards, roll-up banners, bags, stationery, clothing, tech, kitchenware, and much more. If you have an idea in mind, chances are Print&Merchandise can turn it into a reality for your merchandising needs.

“I believe our key strength lies in being a comprehensive one-stop shop for clients. Our team can handle every aspect of the process, from designing and creating merchandise to overseeing logistics and ensuring international deliveries. This approach allows us to forge strong connections with the companies we serve, ensuring we gain a deep understanding of our clients needs from project to project. Plus, with our extensive reach in the industry, we can swiftly respond to market demands and deliver on our promises,” shares Janice Calleja, Manager at Print&Merchandise.

The company also stands out thanks to its very own in-house printing capabilities, offering high-quality services at competitive prices. Their unique strength lies in their ability to print on unconventional items, as the team persistently experiments with different approaches to printing until they find effective solutions, helping clients realise their vision. Plus, being independent from third-party reliance grants the team greater control over quality and schedules, mitigating potential delays and disappointments.

Janice highlights the team’s commitment to collaborating closely with clients throughout the entire process. When a request lands in the sales department, they promptly craft a quote, which upon approval, heads to designers who start working on the mock-ups. After client confirmation, the order moves through the purchasing and production departments, and once ready, the logistics team takes charge, organising local delivery or international shipment as needed. To ensure a timely approach to all overseas deliveries, Print&Merchandise have built up an extensive network with successful deliveries everywhere from Europe and the Mediterranean to Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia.

“Given the wealth of experience we’ve accumulated, our process runs like clockwork. Delivering on consistency, quality, and agility have been pivotal in fostering strong client loyalty, many of whom have been working closely with us for years. We also place great emphasis on customer service and after-sales support to actively address any concerns and feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve and serve clients better, and this goal is only achievable by listening to our clients and staying attuned to how the market is evolving,” Janice elaborates, going on to mention that the team is presently investing in enhancing its online retail presence to enrich the customer experience, aiming for a more immersive and real-time experience when customising their products through the portal.

In recent months, clients have shown a keen interest in tech items, seeking to brand various gadgets like headphones, speakers, wireless chargers, gaming gear, and smartwatches. Sometimes more unusual projects crop up that present unexpected complications. One memorable challenge involved bringing a client’s mascot costume to life for an upcoming expo. Converting a 2D cartoon into a practical costume required creativity and resourcefulness. The team scoured the market for the right materials and specific colours to bring the costume to life.

“Another unique project involved us delivering a fully branded karaoke machine for a client’s company event. These projects can be tricky, but we always enjoy the challenge. It keeps us on our toes as we must find innovative solutions and deliver products that are special and distinctive. They also equip us with new skills and valuable insights, enabling us to propose fresh ideas to other clients,” she shares.

Adding to their client-focused approach, Print&Merchandise also offers a personalised gifting service. Clients can explore a variety of premium products to create thoughtful gifts for employees, partners, and clients, with the option of worldwide shipping through Print&Merchandise’s strong international network to extend the gift gesture to recipients overseas. The range includes tech gadgets, high quality apparel, personalised leather accessories, gourmet gift sets, and much more.

Janice elaborates, “The investment we’ve made in these resources allows us to tailor items uniquely, creating quality products with a strong connection with the client’s brand. Furthermore, we extend our support by guiding clients through the shipping process, keeping them informed at every stage. We provide a dedicated support person to assist with the often intricate logistics of international shipping, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.”

A significant trend shaping the future of Print&Merchandise is the growing interest in eco-friendly merchandise. As customers increasingly adopt more ethical and eco-conscious values, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and increased EU regulations, the demand for sustainable practices is on the rise.

As such, the Print&Merchandise team has been actively pursuing eco-friendly options for a range of popular merchandising products. It has been a thorough process, not only identifying environmentally sustainable products and materials but also delving into details like reducing virgin plastics and sourcing eco-friendly ink, less harmful production chemicals, and green packaging, both individually and for onward distribution shipment. All these efforts are being undertaken to give clients peace of mind, ensuring every facet of their merchandise reduces waste and minimises its negative impact on the environment.

“Our approach has been meticulous, because we are aiming to embed sustainability into every aspect of our product solutions and operations. To effectively achieve this, we’ve had to expand our global supply chain to mitigate risks and disruptions. Because of limited sustainable options from EU-based suppliers, we’ve expanded our network further afield and have been analysing all sorts of materials and supplies to ensure that what we deliver is genuinely eco-friendly merchandise and measures up to the quality we have always delivered,” Janice underscores.

With the team gearing up for an eventful few months ahead, assisting clients with their merchandise at prominent international expos and events, Janice concludes by saying: “Our doors are always open to new ideas. We encourage businesses to connect with us to discuss any projects or products they may have in mind. Together, we can explore creative ways to shape your concepts to impactful products, ensure timely delivery, cost-effective solutions, and now, an eco-friendly approach every step of the way.”

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