Property owners are increasingly realising the benefits of entrusting their rental investments in the hands of a property management company. It is a known fact that rents yield a high return, but it is also understandable to expect a certain level of commitment in making the property work and generate revenue.

After all, tenants are the lessor’s clients and this requires customer service, responding to requests, and in some cases, complaint handling as well. One of the benefits offered by the Victor Estate Property Management team is the provision of solutions especially when issues arise.

Backed up by years of experience in this field, many of the situations arising between tenants and landlords would have already been experienced by others before. The Victor Estate Property Management team has placed itself in an excellent position to solve problems that it would likely take much longer for tenant and lessor to fix on their own.

Victor Estate Limited was established in 1964 as a property development company and is now headed by Jean Bajada. In these years of operating, we believe that we have gained enough experience in the property sector that we can offer the best property management solutions that put us at an advantage over other companies.

Besides long and short lets we also specialize in condominium management, commercial and facility management, rent management, rent collection and key holding services.

To learn more about how Victor Estate Property Management can make your life easier and maximise the return on investments on your property, visit or send an email to [email protected].


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