The Malta Health and Restaurants Association (MHRA) has come out strongly against a proposed fuel station on Sliema’s seafront, stating that it’s contradictory to providing an authentic and quality touristic experience.

An application to upgrade a disused kerbside fuel station and its ancillary facilities is set to be approved despite its vicinity to local eateries and hotels and objections to residents. The fuel station is located between Carlton Hotel and Plaza Hotel on Tower Road.

Location of the disused fuel station set to be approved for an upgrade, Tower Road, Sliema

According to the Times of Malta, the case officer recommended its approval following no objection from authorities such as the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA), Transport Malta and Enemalta among others.

MHRA questioned the need for a fuel station in what should be considered one of Malta’s leading tourism destinations, calling the development an eyesore, adding that fuel stations should be located outside of town cores.

Authorities were also urged to invest in improving the quality of experience of the seafront and its surroundings instead.

MHRA does not understand the contradictory decision by the relevant authorities when it is believed there is consensus on the matter that Sliema and other tourism destinations across Malta and Gozo should be embellished to promote a more authentic experience.

“Unfortunately, from what we are seeing it doesn’t augur well for the future,” said the MHRA, however, it trusts that logic will ultimately prevail.


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