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Leading tech firm Smart Technologies Limited has been awarded the highest possible partnership status by global IT giant Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The HPE Platinum Partnership, officially handed to STL in October, is the culmination of years of collaboration and is a recognition of Smart Technologies’ unwavering commitment to sales excellence and technical compliance.

The accreditation from HPE puts STL in an elite club of top partners.

What does HPE Platinum Partner Status mean?

HPE’s Partner Ready Program for Solutions Providers allows IT companies like Smart Technologies to benefit from ongoing training and certifications, and receive top-tier marketing and sales support.

Platinum status, the highest rank in the program, is only handed out to firms which have exhibited the highest possible standard of technical compliance, a commitment to ongoing training, and outstanding sales performance.

The journey to Platinum Partnership entails progressing through various rigorous partner levels which STL navigated in a remarkable five-year span.

What does this mean for STL and its customers?

HPE Platinum enables STL to proficiently design, implement, and provide support for HPE-based solutions, ensuring that business customers’ crucial business needs are met with precision.

For customers, Platinum-level HPE Partner Status signifies the assurance of receiving meticulously crafted technical solutions tailored to their needs and long-term objectives.

It also offers expedited issue resolution, early access to cutting-edge technologies, and a forward-thinking strategy for their technical infrastructure.

From an operational standpoint, attaining HPE Platinum Partner status empowers STL staff with cutting-edge technical expertise, specialised proficiencies, top-priority support, early technology access, and the capability to deliver finely tuned, strategic solutions for their customers.

This leads to heightened operational efficiency, adept problem-solving for intricate issues, and the potential to shape the trajectory of their technical infrastructure and services.

Smart Technologies has also been recognised as an HPE Partner Ready Service Delivery partner, offering comprehensive service and deep expertise in after-sales services.

‘A proud moment marking years of tireless dedication’

STL Chief Executive Officer Joe Aquilina said the Platinum Partnership is a proud moment for the company he founded in 2008.

“This award unquestionably marks the zenith of years of tireless dedication, with invaluable input from diverse team members across STL,” he said.

“It stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment, unparalleled expertise, and unrelenting determination exhibited by our team.” Aquilina said the certification distinguishes STL as a prominent enterprise provider in the region – signalling, not just the achievement of a specific business volume, but, more significantly, the team’s successful navigation through a demanding process of competency evaluation.

Gungor Kaymak, HPE East-South Cluster Managing Director acknowledged Smart Technologies’ commitment over the years and said that for HPE it is essential to have trustworthy partners across the globe.

“Partners are at the core of HPE’s strategy, and we continue to put partners first and invest in their success. We are an extension of our partners team, working together to drive growth and accelerate business outcomes,” he said.

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