Scam Alert: HSBC warns customers against phishing texts

June 17, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

The message asks users to enter personal details online

Benedetto Vigna appointed CEO of Ferrari as luxury carmaker turns to tech-world for leadership

June 9, 2021
by Helena Grech

Mr Vigna currently leads the largest division of chipmakers at STMicrolectronics

Amazon nearing MGM acquisition deal

May 26, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

The deal could cost Amazon almost $9 billion

COVID travel restrictions led to a collapse in demand for new passports from Identity Malta

May 24, 2021
by Robert Fenech

Identity Malta launches first ever annual report

What is quality of life? Europe-wide survey reveals factors affecting life satisfaction

May 21, 2021
by Robert Fenech

Income singled out as a key criterion, both in itself and for its impact on other factors

Jaguar Land Rover’s owner records shock $1 billion quarterly loss

May 19, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

The loss has been attributed to 'exceptional items'

2021 superyacht sales top €1 billion in ‘hottest streak on record’

May 19, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

Travel restrictions and lockdowns have seen many take to the sea to escape

Malta opens COVID-19 vaccination drive to over 16s

May 17, 2021
by Robert Fenech

Herd immunity approaches as Malta holds title of most vaccinated place on Earth

AT&T, Discovery near $150 billion streaming merger

May 17, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

Proposed deal would see the creation of a separate streaming company

Largest ever Valletta Green Festival launched

May 7, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

When the event closes, a selection of greenery will be left in place as part of plans to greenify Valletta

AX Group to turn ‘dilapidated’ Rabat site into five star hotel and luxury terraces

May 6, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

The new development will be built on the site of the Grand Hotel Verdala

‘Diamonds are not only forever, but for everyone’ – Pandora to sell exclusively laboratory-made diamonds

May 4, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

Lab-made diamonds are indistinguishable from the mined products, says Pandora

World’s first hotel in space aims for 2027 launch

April 26, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

When completed, it will be the largest man-made structure in space

Netflix to spend €14 billion on content in 2021 as production ‘back up safely’

April 22, 2021
by Solomon Cefai

Netflix had 208 million subscribers by the end of Q1 2021

Office trends to look out for in 2021

April 3, 2021
by Martina Bartolo Parnis

From dedicated video conferencing rooms to Pantone’s Colours of the Year, here’s the office trends to expect in 2021