Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Public Works Chris Bonett announced that works for the Msida Creek Project are expected to start towards the end of the first half of the year (end of June).  

It is estimated that the project “will be concluded in around 30 months,” translating to two and a half years of works in one of Malta’s busiest areas.

The Msida Creek Project, which will cost around €35 million, will be replacing the current traffic light junctions with a new flyover. It will be the first major road infrastructure project in Malta that integrates a comprehensive 10-year operations and maintenance period.

The project will incorporate facilities for alternative modes of travel, including cycling and walking. This will also provide for a major upgrade and embellishment of the surrounding areas with new recreational zones.

Around 60 per cent of the Msida Creek Project will be dedicated to open public spaces, which will include new 2,200 metres squared piazza in front of the Parish Church and a seawater channel, the latter also forming part of a plan to prevent flooding. The 300-metre channel will be surrounded with pathways in a landscaped area designated for recreational facilities.  

Additionally, Minister Bonett announced that the tender adjudication process for the project has been completed.

Following a “thorough evaluation,” the proposal from EPE JV successfully met the established criteria for the project.

Last November, Infrastructure Malta said it had received offers from three consortia; Shining Star Infrastructure and Construction Ltd (€49.7 million), RM Construction Ltd (€40.8 million) and EPE JV, a joint venture of Polidano Group, Electrofix and E&L Enterprises (€34.7 million)

“We are providing an infrastructure that not only overcomes the challenges but caters for future needs. This is also emphasised through the obligation on the contractor to provide maintenance of the public spaces for 10 years after works have been concluded. This is the first time this obligation is being placed on an infrastructural project,” Dr Bonett concluded.


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