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Today’s competitive business environment is made up of demanding applications. With information technology becoming an enabler for business, rather than a cost, this is forcing organisations to accurately predict and deploy the infrastructure necessary for growth. Organisations that have modernized and transformed operations make the most of their servers and storage by adopting virtualization in the datacentre and desktops. Dell EMC PowerEdge 4-socket servers and Dell EMC PowerStore storage family deliver unique capabilities to boosting businesses and worker productivity to higher levels.

A key to efficient IT operations and agility is the unification of operations and management. Virtualization is a software-defined architecture technology. It allows automation, better utilization, and faster provisioning of resources. This technology has been utilized for many years and allows an organisation to manage growth while remaining flexible.

PowerEdge servers and PowerStore storage offer strong integrations with key virtualization platforms, including VMware ESXi and Microsoft Windows Hyper-V. This tight integration simplifies configuration and lifecycle management by consolidation into the hypervisor console. The hypervisor console can now be used to manage the full server and storage infrastructure, both physical and virtual. The new PowerStore AppsON makes it possible to run VMware virtualised applications directly on the appliance. This is ideal for a variety of workloads, namely infrastructure and data-intensive applications.

With the VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) approach, users access secure, centrally managed virtual desktops running on virtualization hosts located in the datacentre. This has helped to fuel the popularity and efficiency in remote workforce productivity and access. In addition, as the demand for workforce access to applications, data and workloads increases, hardware must be scalable and robust.  PowerEdge 4-socket servers are powerful enough to boost virtual machine performance and consolidate more users into fewer servers, while enabling fully fledged operating environments for multiple application access, concurrently and remotely. PowerStore efficiently delivers fast, unified storage with block and file services for VDI users, easily supporting high virtual machine densities with sub millisecond latency. Dell PowerStore delivers a single storage solution for virtual machines and for user data.

Cloud adoption has urged businesses to seek ways how to harness the cloud to optimize their business, while leaving it up to IT to define the strategy and complexity how to migrate. Enterprises with demanding workloads have more options today then just migrating to cloud with its complexity and risks, security, compliance, and costs.

It is possible to implement an on-premises agile cloud infrastructure deployed with servers and storage. VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) is the hybrid cloud platform for managing VMs and orchestrating containers, built on full-stack hyperconverged infrastructure technology. It reduced the overall total cost of ownership (TCO) by leveraging cloud-ready servers and storage. PowerEdge servers and PowerStore storage are VCF qualified and available as Cloud Validated Designs from Dell Technologies allowing deployment with peace of mind.

There are many ways to design a modern datacentre. With a software-defined virtual environment organisations can provision server and storage resources as they need, to power mixed workloads and demanding applications including SQL, SAP HANA, databases, AI, data analytics, HPC and other high-performance systems. This minimizes IT challenges and drives business success. PowerEdge 4-socket servers are optimized for diverse workloads, delivering high core density and workload centric optimization. PowerStore arrays drive seven times more performance with low latency. NVMe all-flash or Storage Class Memory (SCM) with Intel Optane optimizes performance for both PowerEdge and PowerStore.

In today’s demanding environment it is important for organisations to have the right tools and system to give them useful insights into their business. Having a high performing underlying infrastructure, which integrates with the software-defined datacentre, gives organisations a solution that is agile and easy to maintain.



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